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Exeter Plumbing are Gas Specialists

From new gas ovens to gas heaters to gas hot water systems, Exeter Plumbing have all your gas needs covered and your safety is our utmost priority. Exeter Plumbing’s Gas Specialists are experts in all gas connections and repair, gas appliance installation, gas bayonet installation, gas hot water system installation and repairs, gas pool heaters, LPG to natural gas BBQ conversions as well as LPG fittings.

Licensed and Insured

Exeter Plumbing’s Sydney Gasfitter and Southern Highlands Gasfitters are specialised licensed technicians. Our specialists are up to date with all the latest legislation that surrounds gas installation and connections. We strongly urge that you do not try to do any gas installations yourself as you could be putting yourself and your family in serious danger. 

Equipped with the Latest Technology and Equipment

Both our Sydney Gasfitter and Southern Highland Gasfitters are equipped with the latest equipment to detect gas leaks and to ensure that your gas line is at the correct pressure and is the correct size for optimal appliance efficiency.

Gas Leak Specialists

If you suspect you have a gas leak don’t delay getting help. Exeter Plumbing’s Sydney Gasfitter and Southern Highlands Gasfitter are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including public holidays. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and it is vital that a licensed gasfitter tests and repairs any gas leaks as soon as possible.

If you are in need of a Gasfitter call 1300 155 944 and book a free obligation-free quote today.


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