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The New Bathroom Trend


At Exeter Plumbing we have noticed a growing trend in the bathroom – bidets and bidet toilet seats.


In Asia (especially Japan) and Europe you would be hard pressed to not find a bidet. These days the bidet is the bees knees of advanced cisternless toilets. Now boasting not only a gentle stream of warm water that cleans you after you have gone to the toilet but also an air dryer function that dries you fully – bidets have really come a long way. The dryer function on the new advanced bidets even eliminates the need for toilet paper and puts an end to the never ending debate of the toilet paper being placed over or under the toilet roll. Some bidets even come with heated seats, remote controls and an MP3 player.


Besides these fancy extras, bidets also have a range of health benefits. For suffers of Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Post Radiation Pain, UTI’s, Haemorrhoids, women post birth etc, using toilet paper can be extremely painful. This is where a bidet can help in alleviate the pain through the use of soothing warm water and gentle air drying functions. For those who are mobility impaired, a bidet can also be easier to use than a toilet. With a bidet, people with little mobility are able to go to the toilet themselves and manage their own hygiene eliminating the need for a carer to help clean them afterwards.


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