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Exeter Plumbing are your local rain water tank specialists. There are overwhelmingly many different types of water tanks on the market. Our highly trained technicians can expertly help you decide on the best type, size and location of your rain water tank to best suit your household size, your particular needs and your budget.


From tank installation to pump maintenance and servicing, whether you are in the Southern Highlands or Sydney, our specialists can expertly solve any issue you may have. We will also happily answer any questions that may arise.


Hearing the rain on your roof at night is one of life’s best simplistic pleasures. Without a tank to capture the water, this rain water is usually wasted. Rain water tanks are essential as they capture and store the precious rain water from your roof. This collected water can then be used around your home and garden. Australia’s harsh and dry environment is a constant reminder to conserve water and to use it wisely. Not only does a rain water tank help store water, in the long run, you can save money as they help to reduce your water bill.

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