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Exeter Plumbing are your local licensed gas fitters and specialise in both LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and natural gas. Our gas heating experts can promptly install and thoroughly service your gas heater. We will ensure your gas heating runs safely, efficiently and effectively.


When it is cold outside, there is nothing more cozier than snuggling up in front of a nice fire, especially in the Southern Highlands. However, a wood fire does require a lot of ongoing maintenance. This is where gas room heaters come into play.


Gas Heating Options


Today there are many different types of gas heaters on the market.


Gas fires are a great alternative to traditional wood fires as they achieve the same warmth and ambiance. In many instances they can go directly in where the previous wood fire heater was.


Gas flued heaters and portable gas heaters are another alternative when it comes to gas heaters.


As far as energy efficient heaters are concerned there are a few on the market. Rennai as an example has their ‘Energy Saver Heaters’ and boasts a 4.8 star energy rating. This particular heaters is also marketed to be great for people with allergies or respiratory problems.


One of the best things about gas heaters is that they do have an on and off switch, unlike wood fires. You do not need to collect wood, stack wood or constantly place wood on the fire. You also do not need to worry about embers or sparks.


Servicing Gas Heaters


Although gas fire places and gas heaters are not as high maintenance as traditional fire places they still do require some maintenance. As with all gas appliances, gas heaters should be regularly serviced for safe and efficient operation. At Exeter Plumbing we recommend following the guidelines in the owners manuals as to how often your heater should be serviced, generally it is recommended every one-two years.


Gas servicing is vital as it ensures the appliance runs efficiently and is safe for you and your family. A service not only ensures that there is no trapped dust in the heater which is flammable and can cause a fire, it also ensures that there are no gas leaks. A gas leak is extremely dangerous due to gas’s high flammability and toxicity if breathed in, in high concentrations. This is why it is vital for an experienced gas fitter and gas heater specialists to deal with gas, gas lines and gas appliances.


For a free quote on your gas heating needs call Exeter Plumbing on 1300 155 944. Our Southern Highlands gas heating experts and Sydney gas heating experts are here to help you.


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