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Top Tips For Gas Heater Safety This Winter



The frost is here and it’s time to crank the heater. Winter is well and truly upon us and while you reach for your winter woollies it is time to revisit some gas heater safety tips.


Tip One: When Was The Last Time You Serviced Your Gas Heater?


First thing to consider is when was the last time your gas heater was serviced? Most manufacturer guidelines suggest professionally servicing your heater every two years. This ensures that your heater is safe to use, is efficient and is effective. Like most things, the older the heater the more TLC it may need. If your heater is over 10 years old, we recommend an annual service.


Gas heater services should be conducted by a licensed professional.  A service not only ensures that there is no trapped dust in the heater which is flammable and can cause a fire, it also ensures that there are no gas leaks. A gas leak is extremely dangerous due to gas’s high flammability and toxicity if breathed in, in high concentrations. This is why it is vital for an experienced gas fitter and gas heater specialists to deal with gas, gas lines and gas appliances.


If you need your gas heater serviced feel free to call the friendly team at Exeter Plumbing on 1300 155 944 and we will have your home nice and toasty in no time.


Tip Two: Check For Hazards


Have you moved your furniture around? If you have, now is the time to make sure that no furniture is too close to the heater.


Do you have small children or pets? Ensuring that your heater is positioned correctly and is stable is vital. An unstable heater can be easily knocked over and can create a fire.


Clothes should also be kept at a safe distance away from the heater and they should never be placed on top of the heater. Although it is tempting to warm them up or to dry them out – please resist the temptation!

Tip Three: Let it Breathe


If your heater has permanent ventilation points ensure that they are open and free of any blockages. 


Tip Four: If It Smells Turn It Off


It is that simple. If you can smell gas or suspect a gas leak turn your heater off immediately. Do not turn it back on until a licensed gas fitter and gas heater specialists has looked at it and has approved that it is safe to do so. Our blog ‘A Guide To Gas Safety‘ digs deeper into gas leaks.


Tip Five: Move Those Plants!


If you are an indoor plant enthusiast and have decided to add a few more plants around your heater in the summer, now is the time to move them. Gas heaters can get very hot and you may wilt any plant too close or in the direct line of heat.


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