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It’s Raining Leaves


It’s Autumn and the streets are decorated with vibrant red and orange of the falling leaves. While this is a picturesque time of year, especially in the Southern Highlands, the leaves can cause havoc around the home.


Now, more than ever it is important to routinely clean your gutters. Not only is a build up of leaves in your gutter a fire hazard (we all know this too well after the summer we had), they can also cause a backlog of water that can potentially lead to flooding and leaks. The bottom line is when leaves are blocking your gutters water simply can not escape properly. This can lead to the trapped water damaging the surrounding roof, timbers and walls. While it is easy to put off cleaning your gutters, overflowing water can create a hefty repair bill especially if it causes structural or mould damages.


So, designate a day and just do it. It could save you money in the long run.