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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems


While you have probably heard about solar, electric and gas hot water systems, have you heard about heat pump hot water systems? This Australian invention has been on the market since the 1980’s and is gaining popularity.


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What is a Heat Pump Hot Water System?


Heat Pump Hot Water Systems use less electricity than other hot water systems as they absorb warmth from the air to heat the water. This makes them extremely energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Electrical energy is only used when the air cannot heat the water to the required temperature.



How do Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Work?


Heat Pump systems work similar your fridge or air conditioner. Heat is collected from one area, and released into another. For example: with a fridge, the heat is collected inside and moved into the kitchen. Similarly with an air-conditioner, the heat is extracted from your room, and pumped to the outside of your home. Heat Pump systems collect the heat from ambient air outside and transfer it to heat your water.


Most heat pump systems today will produce hot water to about -10 degrees Celsius before it needs back up. Unlike Solar, it does not need the sun to work.



What are the pros of a Heat Pump Hot Water System?


An advantage of the heat pump systems is that they use renewable energy and are very energy efficient. This saves you money on your energy bills.


Heat Pump Systems are family friendly. You don’t need to worry about gas leaks or toxic emissions and the unit itself does not get too hot reducing the risk of accidental burns.



What are the cons of a Heat Pump Water System?


A disadvantage of the heat pump systems is that they are more expensive to purchase and install compared to other hot water system types. They also struggle in the cooler climates so will use electricity when it can not absorb enough heat from the air.



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