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Buying A House? Let Us Suss It Out For You



Exeter Plumbing can not just help you if you have a problem, we can also help you prevent a problem.


It is all too often that we get calls from people who have just brought a house and has realised that something is wrong with the drainage. In some instances it’s an easy fix, and in others it is a major drainage issue which can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Before you purchase a house as part of your building inspections we highly suggest a CCTV Drain Inspection Camera of the potential new home’s drainage system. This way you know the exact state of the drains and any potential issues that you may face. Not only could this potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future, it could also be a great bargaining tool in your price negotiations. We are also able to save the camera inspection on a USB for your records.


Some drainage issues that we have seen with our CCTV Drain Inspection Camera have not just been with old houses. One of the most recent inspections we did, we discovered the insides of the pipes were filled with concrete. The image below is a picture of our CCTV Drain Inspection viewing screen. This particular drainage system was blocked by a plastic bag.


If you are buying a house and would like an inspection we are here to help. Call Aleks and Kurt on 1300 155 944 to book in your CCTV Drain Inspection Camera today. 


CCTV Drain Inspection Camera

An image of a plastic bag blocking pipes as seen through our CCTV Drain Inspection Camera’s viewing screen.