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Making Your Bathroom Mobility Friendly



Sometimes the things we once found easy become a little harder or circumstances cause us to change the way we once did something. Luckily when it comes to bathrooms, there are things you can do to make them more comfortable, easier and safe as the need arises.


Bathrooms can bring a lot of anxiety for the elderly and those with mobility concerns. Blood pressure, sight issues, slower reaction times, poor balance and dizziness can lead to an increased risk of falls and slips especially on wet surfaces. The need for assistance in the bathroom can also create a lot of stress and embarrassment.


When you are deciding on the best mobility tools for you and your family there is no ‘one size fits all.’ It is about choosing the best option for you, your long and short term needs and your budget. At Exeter Plumbing we can not tell you what is right for your particular needs – we are no experts in mobility. However, if needed, we can help you by installing your new bathroom aids to make your bathroom easier, safer and more comfortable. 



Walk In Baths and Showers


Walk-in baths and showers make accessibility easier allowing greater independence in the bathroom.

A walk-in bath has a side door which eliminates the need to step over the side of the bath to get in. They also come with additional features such as non-slip surfaces and support bars.

In some households you need to step over the bath to get into the shower. Walk-in showers eliminate the need to ‘step over’ and allow great access even for wheelchairs. Walk-in showers also can come with non-slip flooring and rails.


Hand Held Shower


A hand held shower allows washing easier and more comfortable as they can be used either mounted onto a wall or free-moving with your hands. They allow you to be able to avoid getting certain areas such as your hair or wounds wet. Being able to control the direction the water is spraying also allows you to be able to have a greater clean. 


Grab Rails


Grab rails are extremely useful around your whole home. They allow extra support and stability. In the bathroom, adjustable rails are great as they can adjusted to the height of the user and can be fitted on the side of bath tubs and toilets. Rail frames are also useful and can be placed around the toilet to allow extra support with sitting and standing.



Raised Toilets and Toilet Seats


Some models of toilets are lower than others making it quite difficult to bend and stand for those with mobility concerns. At Exeter Plumbing we can help you by raising your toilet height making it easier to use the toilet independently. Raised toilet seats can also be purchased to add the height needed. Such seats sit on a regular toilet seat.


Slip Resistant Mats and Flooring


Anti-slip mats and slip-resistant flooring materials are very effective in reducing the risk of falls and slips. They are designed to allow more grip underfoot even when the surface is wet. It is highly recommended that all wet rooms have slip-resistant flooring.


Shower and Bath Chairs


Shower and bath chairs are great for maintaining independence in the bathroom. For those with difficulty standing for a period of time or difficulty with their balance, shower chairs are a great way to make showering safer and more comfortable. They are lightweight and removable, allowing them to be easily placed in and out of the shower when needed. Bath chairs make it easier getting into the bath by allow you to sit down so you then can easily swing your legs over. A hand held shower is commonly used with bath chairs as bath chairs do not lower you into the bath.



A Constant Water Temperature


Water temperature is so important, especially when it comes to the elderly and young children. Water at 65 degrees Celsius can cause a serious full thickness burn in less than a second. While independence in the bathroom is great, decreased sensation, reduced reaction time or a lack of awareness that the water is potentially too hot can lead to significant burns and scalds. This is particularly concerning for the elderly who may have reduced healing capabilities and a burn or scald could take months to heal. Ensuring you have a tempering valve on your hot water system can reduce the risk of burns or scalds. A tempering valve mixes hot and cold water together to deliver your hot tap water at a constant temperature. At Exeter Plumbing we have written a blog about tempering valves and their importance. This blog can be found by clicking here.




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At Exeter Plumbing, we are no experts in mobility. However we can help you install your new bathroom aids to make your bathroom easier, safer and comfortable. Call our friendly team today on 1300 155 944. We also give seniors discounts.