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Natural Gas FAQ



When it comes to Natural Gas, Exeter Plumbing have all your questions answered.  


What is Natural Gas?


Natural gas is an odourless, non-toxic and colourless gas that can be used for cooking, heating and generating electricity. It is a fossil fuel, made primarily of hydrocarbon gases and formed from the decomposition of plants and animals. Natural gas is found underground and is formed over millions of years.


What are the benefits of using Natural Gas?


There are many benefits of using Natural Gas. Lets start with the big one – Natural Gas is one of the cheapest to run compared to other fossil fuels. It is also the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels available as Natural Gas produces the least amount of carbon dioxide (about half the amount of carbon dioxide than coal.) 


What are the disadvantages of using Natural Gas?


Although Natural Gas is non-toxic it is extremely flammable and should be treated with care. Natural Gas is lighter than air and therefore can disperse quickly if there is a leak. However, as it is colourless and odourless it is hard to detect if there is a leak and if the gas is trapped it can combust. That is why a licensed gas technician should always install, repair and service your gas appliances. 

Although it is the cleanest of all fossil fuels – Natural Gas does contribute to greenhouse gases.


Natural Gas Vs Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)


Both LPG and Natural Gas are flammable hydrocarbon gases. One of the most noticeable differences that impacts households is that LPG comes in cylinders whereas Natural Gas comes in pipelines. 

LPG has a higher energy content than Natural Gas (93.2MJ/mvs natural gas at 38.7MJ/m3 ) and operate at a higher kPa than Natural Gas appliances.


What is the mains pressure of Natural Gas in Australia?


The main pressure of natural gas in Australia is usually between 1.1kPa and 2.75kPa. In some areas the kPa can he even higher. 


What is the kPa pressure of my gas cooktop or oven?


The minimum supply of natural gas on cooktops, ovens and heaters is 1.13kPa.


Who can carry out work on my natural gas appliance?


Only a licensed plumber or gas fitter can carry out work on your natural gas appliance. If someone is not licensed works on the appliance, you risk voiding the warranty and also risking the safety of the household. 


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