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8 Money Saving Tips You Can Do


Now, more than ever is the time to start being wiser with your money. At Exeter Plumbing we have compiled a list of our top plumbing money saving tips. By following these tips you could prevent a major plumbing issue in your home and may be able to reduce your next water bill.


Check For Leaks

The number one money saving tip is to check your house and property for leaks. A leak could be as little as a dripping tap to a large patch of swampy grass on your lawn. Inspect every tap, toilet and shower head for any leaks. At Exeter Plumbing we have seen many instances where the water bill is exceedingly more than the cost to fix the leak. Prolonged leaks can also cause mould and structural damages to your house so it is best to get any damp or swelling spots investigated as soon as possible.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to tell if you have a water leak on your premises is to read your water meter. This can be done by:


  1. Turning off all taps and water-using devices on your property. This includes no flushing toilets, not using washing machines or dishwashers, automatic sprinklers etc..
  2. Once you are confident all water-using devices are not in use, check your meter reading. We suggest writing it down or taking a picture.
  3. We recommend waiting for at least 30 minutes or even better overnight and checking the dial again. If the dial numbers have changed and you are confident that no water was intentionally used in the meantime then you may have a water leak. If you do have a leak – don’t stress. Give us at Exeter Plumbing a call and we can investigate and solve your water leak in no time.


Choose Water Conserving Fixtures

If you are installing new plumbing fixtures such as taps, showers or even toilets it is wise to choose ones which conserve water. Most water conservation fixtures pay for themselves in the long run. If you have an old toilet or taps now is the time think long term and consider replacing them with better water/money-saving options.


Use Strainers

By placing strainers in your kitchen sink you can help prevent a blockage in your pipes.  The same goes for showers. A strainer in the shower will help prevent a build up of hair that can clog your drains. By being proactive you can reduce the risk of a blockage in the kitchen and bathroom.


Don’t Pour Grease, Oils Or Fats Down The Drain

Grease, oils and fats should not be poured down the drain. When such products are poured down the drain they can solidify on the sides of your pipes and can eventually cause a complete blockage. Although washing a greasy frying pan in the sink is tempting – we highly suggest using something such as a paper towel to wipe the pan first and place the greasy used paper towel in the garbage bin.


Be Careful What You Flush

When it comes to your toilet there are only three things that should be flushed – a ‘number one’, a ‘number two’ and toilet paper. Everything else has the potential to clog your pipes. This is especially true for sanitary products, baby wipes, facial wipes and ‘flushable’ wipes. Although ‘flushable wipes’ advertise that they disintegrate, the truth is that they do not disintegrate as fast as ordinary toilet paper and often results in clogged sewer pipes or a clogged toilet.


Clean Your Gutters

It is important to routinely clean your gutters. Not only is a build up of leaves in your gutter a fire hazard (we all know this too well after the summer we had), they can also cause a backlog of water that can potentially lead to flooding and leaks.


Invest Or Repair Your Rain Water Tank

Now is the time to get the most out of your rain water tank. Many people are growing their own vegetables at the moment and a rain water tank is a great way to do it. This saves on your water bill and any saving is a great saving!


Service Your Appliances

Servicing your appliances such as your hot water heater or gas room heater is vital in maintaining their optimal efficiency. Many appliances become less efficient as time progresses. A service will improve their performance and heighten their efficiency. Regular servicing can even help prevent a costly repair or replacement.



At Exeter Plumbing our friendly staff are here to help you. If you need help with any of these tips call us on 1300 155 944. We are happy to chat and if need be to send one of our experts to your home.