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Water Filtration Systems


How are your water filters? Do they need replacing? Are you interested in getting some water filters installed? Either way Exeter Plumbing have all of your water filtration needs covered. Whether you need a filter on your mains water, rain water tank or bore water, Exeter Plumbing can help. Our experts can install and replace your water filters ensuring you have clean and safe water for you and your whole family. 



What Types Of Water Filtration Systems Are There?


The two most common water filtration systems are under sink and whole house water filtration systems. Each type of system has its benefits and the cost varies greatly depending on your needs.

Whole house water filtration systems allows safe and clean water to be delivered to every tap and shower in the house. In contrast, under sink water filtration systems are installed under your sink and ensure that that particular tap has clean and filtered water. 

Whether you are on town water, rain water tank water or bore water – there is a water filtration system for you. 



What Is The Best Type Of Water Filter?


Reverse osmosis water filtration systems are known to be the most effective system in removing contaminants in water. Such systems remove approximately 99% of contaminants including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and chlorine just to name a few. An added UV filter ensures that 99.99% of bacteria, parasites and cysts are removed as well.


If you would like filtered drinking water from every tap and shower, a whole house water filtration system is the most cost effective and efficient way. This ensures that every water outlet connected past the whole house water filtration system is clean and filtered. 



How Often Do I Need To Change My Water Filter?


At Exeter Plumbing we recommend changing your water filter as per manufacture recommendations. This is generally once every 12 months. Regularly changing your filters ensures that your water filtration system is working effectively and efficiently in removing contaminants from your water. 



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