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Hot Water Specialists


Exeter Plumbing’s Sydney Hot Water Specialists and Southern Highlands Hot Water Specialists are available to help you 24 hours 7 days a week including public holidays. Hot water is an essential part of every household and your hot water system needs to effectively meet the needs of your family.

Specialists in Gas, Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems

Our Sydney Hot Water and Southern Highlands Hot water Specialists are experts in electric, gas and solar hot water system installation and repairs. There are overwhelmingly many different types of hot water systems on the market and we can knowledgeably help you decide which type of system is best for you and your family as well as your budget. When considering which hot water system is best for your household, there are many cost factors to consider beyond the unit price itself. Installation costs vary greatly between the different types of hot water systems as well as ongoing running costs.

We Care About Your Safety

At Exeter Plumbing we care about your family’s safety and our Sydney Hot Water and Southern Highlands Hot Water Specialists are up to date with the latest safety requirements that govern hot water systems. When dealing with hot water, it’s more than just hot water systems not heating. Not many people are aware that over 80% of scalds and burns that end up as hospital admissions are from water that was too hot, primarily young children turning on the hot water tap. Water at 65 degrees Celsius can cause a serious full thickness burn in less than a second. By law, hot water tanks are to store water at a minimum of 65 degrees Celsius in order to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria which causes Legionnaires disease. It is also a legal requirement that hot water used for personal hygiene purposes (such as bathroom taps) does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. This difference is controlled by a tempering valve which mixes your hot and cold water to deliver hot tap water at a constant temperature in order to reduce accidental scalding and burns. It is a vital part of your family’s safety and we recommend that you replace your tempering valve every 5 years or when you notice a problem.


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hot water system installed by Exeter Plumbing

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System Installed By Exeter Plumbing's Hot Water Specialist