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Fall Back In Love With Your Bathroom This Winter


Do you avoid going into the bathroom during winter because it is so cold? Do you need to heat the room up before you step foot in it? This does not need to be the case. It is time to fall back in love with your bathroom and we have all the solutions.


Tip One: Ensure Your Hot Water System Is Up To Scratch


There is nothing worse than running out of hot water mid shower. Ensuring that your hot water system set up is suitable for your household size and usage rates is vital. Regularly servicing your hot water system further ensures that your system is running efficiently and effectively. For more information on hot water systems visit our hot water page or call our friendly team on 1300 155 944.


Tip Two: Warm Your Seat


Heated bidet seats are becoming increasingly popular. Ever since the toilet paper debacle we have seen a steady increase in requests for bidets and bidet seats. Our page on ‘bidets‘ dives deeper in the benefits of having a bidet.


Tip Three: Add Hydronic Heating


There is nothing nicer than stepping on warm tiles. The added bonus of hydronic/underfloor heating is that it also heats up the room. You can turn the heating function off for the summer months or when the bathroom is not in use. Hydronic heating can also be extended to towel rails, ensuring you have a warm and toasty towel waiting for you after your shower. If hydronic underfloor heating isn’t an option you can still enjoy a toasty towel with an electric heated towel rail. For more information on hydronic heating visit our page here.


Tip Four: Heat Lamps


Having a heat lamp in your bathroom is also a great way to heat your room. There are a few options when it comes to heat lamps. They can come singular or with multiple lamps, as well as with exhaust fans.



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