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Caring For Your Septic System


Whether you are new to having a septic system or have had one for years, Exeter Plumbing can help you look after your septic system ensuring you have minimal issues.


Septic tanks are a living ecosystem. It is where bacteria, enzymes, yeasts, and other fungi and microorganisms digest waste. Like any living system, it can become sick if it is flooded or poisoned with chemicals, or not looked after. Essentially anything you put down your sink or toilet will end up at your septic. Let us guide you through what you can and can not put in your septic tank.



What To Not Pour Down Your Sink


Grease, oils and fats should not be poured down the drain. When such products are poured down the drain they can solidify on the sides of your pipes and can eventually cause a complete blockage. Although washing a greasy frying pan in the sink is tempting – we highly suggest using something such as a paper towel to wipe the pan first and place the greasy used paper towel in the garbage bin.


Food scraps is another big no. By placing strainers in your kitchen sink you can help prevent a blockage in your pipes.  The same goes for showers. A strainer in the shower will help prevent a build up of hair that can clog your drains. By being proactive you can reduce the risk of a blockage in the kitchen and bathroom.


Paint, cleaning products, bleach, antibacterial solutions, fertiliser and pesticides should not be poured down drains. If you need to dispose of these products contact your local council for information on hazardous waste drop offs. if you are in the Southern Highlands, the Wingecarribee Shire Council information can be found here –



What Not To Flush


When it comes to your toilet there are only three things that should be flushed – a ‘number one’, a ‘number two’ and toilet paper. Everything else has the potential to clog your pipes. This is especially true for sanitary products, baby wipes, condoms, facial wipes and ‘flushable’ wipes. Although ‘flushable wipes’ advertise that they disintegrate, the truth is that they do not disintegrate as fast as ordinary toilet paper and often results in clogged sewer pipes or a clogged toilet. Such blockages can force waste water back up the pipes and straight into your home or garden. Something no one wants to happen or to clean up. 



What Can You Put In Your Septic


While there are a lot of ‘nos’ there are a lot of ‘yes’ as well. The trick is to read the lables. Any product that says ‘septic safe’ should be fine to use. 


Some safe products are:

  • Earth Choice laundry liquid and dishwashing liquid 
  • Down to Earth
  • Bio Logic
  • Ecozyme 
  • Vinegar
  • Pure soap flakes


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